Lincoya Hills Baptist Church, located on McGavock Pike between Fernbrook and Windemere Circle, was founded in 1956 with 97 charter members. It is a Southern Baptist Church and a member of the Nashville Baptist Association. The buildings which make up the church plant were completed in three phases, the last of which was the sanctuary in 1972, with its free standing sixty foot white cross. The cross is a proclamation that our Savior lives and stands as a beacon of hope to those who seek the Lord.

A commitment to missions has always been a hallmark of Lincoya Hills. Our motto is "Loving God...Serving People." Our per-capita giving to mission programs has always been among the highest in the association, often exceeding the goals that were set.


In its 53 years of existence, ten pastors have served Lincoya Hills. The current pastor is Joe L. Evans, who with his wife, Becky, joined us in December, 2008. Through the years, we have been fortunate to have many excellent interim pastors from the Sunday School Board, (Lifeway). There is a Tuesday morning Bible study taught by the pastor. Sunday School for all age groups, a worship choir, and Wednesday and Sunday morning and evening services. On October 18, the church held a Country Sunday with Dinner on the grounds, hay rides and games, special music, picture taking and country attire. It was a huge success and well-attended.
This was condensed, compiled and written by Irene Morris.